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General Information

Qualification for Coverage
For new members, or if coverage has lapsed - 240 hours reported in 12 consecutive months.

Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month in which sufficient hours are reported. For example, hours worked in April are reported during May (lag month) and provide coverage for June, if there are sufficient hours in your hourbank.

Monthly Cover Charge
120 hours.

Hour-Bank Maximum
720 hours (6 months coverage).

To maintain coverage when short of hours self-pay is available for a maximum of 9 months - (No WI or LTD) $1.86 per hour ($223.20 per month).

Disability Credits
8 hours per day credited to your hourbank while on WI, WCB or Employment Insurance (EI) sick benefits, for up to 6 months. If collecting WCB or EI you must submit claim stubs or a completed Disability Credit form promptly.


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Enrolment Card and Beneficiary Designation (English)
Enrolment Card and Beneficiary Designation (French)

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